About Dr. Aller

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Dr. Thomas Aller graduated from UC Berkeley in 1979 with Highest Honors, Great Distinction and the Departmental Citation and with two publications. He then attended the top ranked optometry school at UC Berkeley, graduating in 1983. Since graduating, Dr. Aller has practiced first in Concord, and since 1986 in San Bruno where he established his current private practice. With classmate and friend Paul Bertucci, he developed Exerceyes, a software product designed to reduce eyestrain and visual problems associated with computers. He was a founding member and officer for California Optometric Laser Associates, a company dedicated to bring the highest quality laser refractive services to California. He has also served as an expert witness in court cases related to laser refractive surgery.

Since the early 1990’s, driven by a desire to develop an effective treatment or therapy to stop the typical, gradual worsening of myopia or nearsightedness that afflicts many children and young adults, he has been conducting clinical research in his practice. More details can be found on his other websites at www.stopmyopianow.com and www.draller.com, but essentially what he found is that, particularly for certain types of people, there is way to reliably, dramatically slow down the progression of myopia by properly prescribing special types of bifocal contact lenses. His patented technique has been licensed to an international research consortium and he hopes that through his collaboration with this group, unique and novel contact lens designs will be developed that will be effective in controlling myopia throughout the world.

His first interest in optometry as a career came from being an orthokeratology patient, after his optometrist gave him back 20/20 vision through seemingly magical little plastic lenses. He has practiced orthokeratology since 1983 and is enjoying the latest developments in the field that has resulted in the ability to improve the vision of many of his patients.